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Notification of System Adjustment

Gold Experience LLC has been in the system adjustment since January 26th, and trading has been suspended for a while.
Therefore, before and after including the maintenance period, there will be a period during which login and transactions cannot be fully executed.
It is said that this system adjustment may take some time, so please wait for a while until trading resumes.
We will promptly report any information regarding the resumption.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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We Offer Our Customers the Best Environment.
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We Provide Customers with Innovative and Flexible Trading Solutions.
We Also Help You Run a Profitable Business in the Forex Market.

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Risk Warning

FX and CFD is a leveraged product, leverage is used in trading there is a possibility that also acts in favor of disadvantageous, the risk of a high level is accompanied in the trade for that. There is a possibility of losing all of the results investment principal of trading, it will not be able to promise to be a financial instrument that is suitable for not all of our customers.

Investment, you are requested to be kept within an acceptable loss. Before you start trading, after you fully understand the risks involved, please take into account a lot about your own experience. Past performance and history in the FX and CFD product is not intended to be of future results guarantee. Since there is no contract months for most of the FX and CFD products, trading period will end at the time of the settlement itself of positions held. Please consult a third party if necessary, FX trading carries a very high risk of losing the investment principal customers.

Please refer to the risk disclosure of the Company’s Information that has been posted on this site is, the United States and New Zealand, Japan or other FX trading and CFD trades, does not directed to investors who live in countries that are restricted or prohibited by law regulations in that area.



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